Scorched earth
Alpha to omega
The line in the sand

Please help. I need a good working title. Something catchy but also packs a punch. Gravitas; that’s what I need…

Dodging E.L.E: avoiding an extinction level event


You see, my wife and I are on a mission. We are going to eradicate debt before it eradicates us. My spending is atrocious by some standards; she’s better than I am in most areas. Our bills are not the end of the world but our emergency fund is anemic. Savings is almost non-existent. Retirement is too little too late – scratch that – its never too late.

But all that changes now
Hence forth, we shall be the un spenders. Retail outlets will speak of us only in whispers; of dark shadows in dark corners. Ghosts of spenders past, lurking out on the fringes of commerce

I’m thinking – Amish – without the beard

Cut and slash extraneous expenditures, sell unnecessary items to pay down the monster. Nothing is safe; you have been warned…

P.S. my next posting will come as soon as I can figure out how to upload papyrus


One thought on “ZERO TOLERANCE

  1. This is insane. You have to have SOME spending money or one day you’ll go batshit crazy and buy a Porche. Even if buying a Porche is a douchy thing to do. Probably BECAUSE it’s a douchy thing to do. THAT is the power of no spending money. I learned this the last job I had…where I had to chose between electric or gas some months. Even then I kept a few 10’s to myself so I didn’t go all berserker at the shoe store…

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