Twilight’s First Gleaming

twilights first gleaming

starting to get into the swing of things…


new years revolutions

Once again we are faced with the onslaught of media driven drivel about what we should be resolute about changing or starting or stopping in our daily lives. I for one am tired of being told how to live.
However, there are things which require maintenance and upkeep on a semi-regular basis. Since I have a desire to stay on the planet for a few more years I instituted a diet and exercise regimen a few months ago to stave of diabetes.
This week I started posting the “in your face” political smatterings on my tweeter account (don’t correct me; this is my blog!). On 2facedbook I have a habit of tweeking my friends of the opposing political persuasion by lambasting them with my opinion or ‘sharing’ a political hatchet article just to piss off those with whom i disagree. Well i must be getting soft in my old age, or maybe just tired of the fight – the constant BS eschewed by both sides. Either way, the F-book will be reserved mostly for pictures, sentiment, and well wishes, along with a little of whats up in my life. The tweeters should beware; this is my new war zone.

imageAs for revolutions, and the twist on words in the title, i prefer revolution over resolution. My resolute usually dissolves within weeks; hence, REVOLUTION! The violent overthrow of the current mindset, as witnessed by the dribble above, and this…
A few days ago i started taking, processing, and posting a photo a day. I intend on continuing this in the new year as a 365 project. My goal is to post to my photo-blog
on a daily basis with links sent to 2facebook and g+ and tweeter.

Vive la revolution! and Happy New Year