Mars and Venus have nothing to do with it

I truly believe that I am the luckiest man on the planet. I love my wife very much. And I believe that she loves me.

And that my friends is the beginning and the end of relationships: it’s everything in between that is diametrically opposed. Ok, I exaggerate. But sometimes I really think that we are not even for the same galaxy.

I could swear that I just said ‘blue’ and now we are arguing about bananas. WTF!?!?!

Maybe they’re blue bananas…

No, it must be the core processors. I’ve got too much ram and her motherboard circuitry is hard wired to the space-time continuum. No, I only know enough about computers to be dangerous, but the analogy sounded so much better in my brain.

Do rare earth magnets have just as strong a repulsion as they do attraction?
That’s it! Reverse polarity; or Venus is in retrograde – no, we decided to discard that whole same universe deal….didn’t we

Well, back to the drawing board or blue bananas ( no that’s not a metaphor, but it might be if I don’t clean up this mess), until one of us gets total recall and figures out which Quaid we are today