Flip Flop Shuffle

Of all the things that bother me, and the list can be long at times, the sound of flip flops slapping away makes me want to scream!

Now mind you, I am in to the laid back scene on occasion and in the right arena. BUT when I am at work on the bosses dime and all around me people are bustling to beat the band…..
The last thing I expect to hear is the incessant banter of feet slapping flip and ground slapping flop over and over and over and over and over

Sorry. The cadence got caught in a loop

This is a professional office. Yes there are jokes, and the occasional wearing of jeans, and of course I must keep in mind that health accommodations must be made. And in ‘sunny California’ one should expect a loose interpretation of the dress code from all the surfer dudes.

And yet here we are in the wet season – with flip flops!!! And don’t get me started on the hygiene aspect. Nasty. Don’t get me wrong though; a nice pair of sandals worn by the fairer sex is fine. The sandals at least pretend to be shoes.
Flip flops are a throwback to the destitute attempting a modicum of podiatric protection…not acceptable office attire.

Just for the record: this rant comes after months of being water boarded by the same individual doing the Librium UGG shuffle from copier to microwave to desk to bosses office to water dispenser to…..

I’m being hounded by footwear UGG shuffle has a twin too!

If the twin comes in wearing flip flops in the near future I think I’m gonna scream…again